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'Buckwheat waffles with skyr and strawberries'

Nice, Series 1 Land Rover

"Like all of the buildings at Oxford it was made of the same honey-colored stone as Parliament, with the same intricate filigreed stonework, and like Parliament, the bell tower, indeed all the buildings of college, seemed to bear in their beauty and mass a strange immunity to life, to time." - The Last Enchantments

Berries & Blossoms in Vermeer Light

Anonymous asked: Can we turn the situation around? How should a classy lady go about getting the attention of the gentleman whom she favours without seeming too forward or too uninterested? What would make a good impression on a gentleman?


Intelligence and wit. Anyone can dress-up, put on pearls and look nice (and trust me we love that). Few ladies can keep up with sarcasm, dish it out as well as take it. Wit is very attractive. Intelligence is also key. Nobody wants to talk to a boring lady or one who seems clueless. 

Making a good first impression is also about leaving us wanting a little more. The chase can be fun. 


Whitby, England